The Middleton on the Wolds Reading Rooms are situated in the centre of the village at 7 Front Street.

The rooms were gifted to the Parish in 1935 for use of a variety of recreational purposes and have been managed by a group of trustees.

In August 2019, to save the rooms from closing, and to prevent the loss of a valuable amenity to the village, the Parish Council took over the management of the rooms and are now the new trustees.

The rooms operate under Charity No 1085309

Since taking over as management the Parish Council Reading Room sub-committee have instigated a refurbishment programme funded by various events.

The rooms are now let on a long term contract




1st February 2022



19th January 2021 

30th March 2021 

27th April 2021

23 Nov 2021



  6th July 2020 

13th October 2020     

1st December 2020