St Andrews Church Middleton on the Wolds is a grade II Listed. The church stands on a little hill, above Church Hill Rd, with a steeply rising churchyard. Although the building is said to be mostly from 1873-4 by J.J. Teale of Doncaster, the aisle arcades and the chancel (walls internally of chalk) are from the 13th c.






Middleton on the Wolds Church Cemetery


The cemetery at Middleton on the Wolds is situated on Beverley Road, just a short way outside the village.

The cemetery is in two sections with the first part belonging to the Parochial Church Council, and the second part being managed by the Parish Council. 

The Parish Council have spaces for burials and cremated remains.

We aim to maintain the grounds for the benefit of visitors.

Cemetery Rules

Grant of Right of Burial

Grant of Right of Burial (Cremated Remains)

Grant of Right to erect and maintain a headstone

Grave Memorial Application (Installation; Inscription and other)

Cemetery Fees