Middleton on the Wolds is fortunate to have several footpaths, walks and green spaces.

Disused Railway Line.

This has been a popular walk for many years. The path is owned by the local authority,and  maintained by both the Parish Council and East Riding.

Following the loss of the steps leading to Warter Road, the Parish Council have funded replacement steps that we hope you will enjoy for many years to come.

In 2019 the local primary school ran a 'lifestyle project' for children to complete during the summer break. 3 groups of children successfully completed different projects - so a very well done to you all. One of the projects we hope will have a lasting benefit is the bench along the disused railway line. At the back of the bench you will notice bird feeders. The parish council is helping to support the environmental impact of this project by supplying bird nuts. If you wish to contribute please let us know. 



In June 2019 ERYC in conjunction with the  North Yorkshire Waterways Partnership launched a Year of Green Action Community Fund, to raise an awareness and participation in action that is beneficial to the environment. The Parish Council put in an application to purchase bird, bat and bug boxes that could be placed throughout the village, creating a nature trail. We were successful in our bid and after some issues with delivery we obtained a selection of boxes, some of which have been placed along the disused railway line with the remainder  throughout the village. We hope you will enjoy the impact these will bring to our village. 

The Railway embankment is now maintained by our village Green Group, who are replanting, weeding and enhancing this well used permissive path. 

Please take home any litter and pick up after your dog, so that all users can continue to enjoy this asset.


Dog Walk

Goodmanham Road to Beverley Road